Bethwines – latest development doggy daycare

A planning application has been received for a doggy day care facility on land at Bethwines Farm accessed via Bethwines Close. You can have a look at the application here>>>

The Fishbourne Neighbourhood Plan Review Group is urging Fishbourne residents to have their say on this latest application and make sure their voice is heard.


The Group has produced a leaflet for you to download, which gives advice on how to comment on a planning application and what areas you might like to consider in your comments. DOWNLOAD THE INFORMATION LEAFLET HERE>>>

New footpath along Blackboy Lane

The Parish Council is very pleased to be able to announce that work is starting soon to provide a new footpath on the southern section of Blackboy Lane linking the footpath along the playing field to the A259. This should make accessing the Fishbourne Centre from the south much safer and easier.

The need for a footpath in this location was brought up by residents and became a project in the Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council then put together a bid to go to West Sussex County Council’s Community Highway Scheme, where it was successful and won the funding ahead of many other projects about the county.

The Parish Council is delighted that this new access will be provided in the next few weeks and would also like to thank the residents of Blackboy Lane who will be affected by the work for their patience and assistance. Thanks also go to Edwin Scarterfield who has generously given the verge which he owns to be made into a footpath for the good of the village.

Here is some more information about the scheme, including diversion route in place when Blackboy Lane will be closed.


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Download: Blackboy Lane FAQ (457 KB)

Chichester to Emsworth Cycle Route – make your voice heard

Extended opportunity to have your say on new plans for cycle route to link Chichester and Emsworth

Highways England, in partnership with West Sussex County Council, is currently seeking views on proposals for cycle and walking improvements along the A259, between Chichester and Emsworth. To ensure as much participation in the process as possible, they have decided to extend the engagement period to Thursday 23 September.

About the proposals

The six-mile long off-road route will link Chichester with Emsworth, along the A259.

The route, which is currently part of the National Cycle Network route 2, will link into the Centurion Way (former railway conversion) and other local routes on the Manhood peninsula towards Chichester.

The improvement will also link several schools, and St. Richard’s hospital, and will enable more people to leave their cars at home and cycle or walk safely to work or school, helping to improve air quality in the area.

How to respond

More information about the proposals, including maps and visualisations of the proposed improvements, is available from You can also complete the engagement survey via this page in order to comment on the plans.

Oil tank replacement – Grants available!

Your heating oil is valuable. Are you doing all you can to protect it?

The Environment Agency, Portsmouth Water and OFTEC are encouraging people in parts of Hampshire and West Sussex to check and replace failing domestic heating oil tanks.

As an incentive, Portsmouth Water are offering a FREE inspection and 50% grant towards a replacement tank.

Dawn O’Neill, Environment Agency Groundwater Technical Specialist, is part of the campaign:

“Oil pollution is one of the most common incidents I deal with. Over the last 3 years the EA recorded 395 pollution incidents in England caused by leaking or spilt heating oil from people’s homes.  These can have a major impact on our rivers and streams, harming fish, birds and aquatic life”.

“Heating oil leaks can be expensive for the householder – who are often not covered by their insurance. If the oil enters the ground or a local river, stream or lake, clean-up costs are regularly more than £20,000.  If groundwater or drinking water is affected, these costs can quickly escalate to six figures, and involve some of their property being dug up to find and remove the oil before it causes too much pollution”.

All this is much more likely to happen if your tank is more than 20 years old, in poor condition, ‘single skinned’, or has deteriorating pipework.

3 easy steps to protect your heating oil and home:

  1. Find out if your tank and pipes are safe at or watch
  2. Check your tank regularly and every time before you place an order to make sure it isn’t damaged or leaking, and get a competent person to check it annually, preferably at the same time as your annual boiler service. You can find a registered oil technician at
  3. Check your home insurance. Ask your insurer what cover you actually have for cleaning up an oil spill or leak. You need to be covered for a ‘gradual environmental spill’ not just ‘sudden, accidental loss’. Search for an insurance policy that covers you properly if your insurer doesn’t.


Find out more about the local grant scheme, including a downloadable leaflet, at

Contact Portsmouth Water to find out if you are eligible:


Call 07872 108992

Always report an oil spill or leak to the Environment Agency’s 24-hour emergency hotline on 0800 80 70 60

Chichester District Council Local Plan Newsletter 2

Timetable agreed for Local Plan Review

This month, the council announced its timetable for the Local Plan Review. At the Full Council meeting, councillors agreed a motion that expressed their regret at the delay to the plan and asked residents to understand that this is due to the impossible timeline set by central Government and the complex challenges, constraints and delays we face as key parts of the process are largely within the control of other agencies, such as Southern Water, the Environment Agency, Natural England and Highways England. Key examples are the capacity of the A27 and the issues with waste water, which you can read more about below. The Full Council agreed that given the constraints that the council is under, that the Revised Local Development Scheme is the council’s best response. You can watch the meeting here: and the minutes will soon be available to view at:

The timetable is otherwise known as the Local Development Scheme and outlines all of the work that will take place around the Local Plan Review going forward, including details of the documents that are being prepared to form the evidence base for the plan, and when these will be published. It also sets out key dates for when people will have further opportunities to have their say and provide us with their feedback.

The Local Plan Review will set out our vision for the future of the district’s economy; it will plan for housing needs and the transport infrastructure to accommodate the planned growth; it will look at how we can improve the lives of children and young people; it will consider the area’s environmental needs; it will support our health and wellbeing; and will ensure that we continue to have a rich arts and cultural environment. In our last newsletter, we talked about why the Local Plan Review is so important, the area it covers, and how it will help to protect the important environmental and historic qualities of the area, while addressing the district’s future housing and employment development needs – if you missed it, you can read this here:

Why do we need a timetable?

Having an agreed timetable helps our local communities and partners to keep up-to-date on all of the work that is being done to progress the plan. It also provides timings to indicate when the different pieces of work will be completed and when the findings will be published as documents on our website. These documents are really important because they will form our evidence base and will be considered by the Planning Inspector when the Local Plan Review is submitted for formal examination. We have to show that we have done everything we can to consider all of the available options. However, if our evidence shows that certain things are not possible, as long as we have the evidence, the Inspector will take this into consideration when reviewing the housing targets that we have been set by Government.

The Local Development Scheme, which also provides details on other key pieces of work, including Neighbourhood Plans and the Community Infrastructure Levy, can be viewed on our website here:—Local-Development-Scheme

What progress has been made on roads and waste water?

As we mentioned in our last update, the biggest issues affecting the Local Plan Review are around transport and the A27, as well as the extra infrastructure needed for treating waste water. Although we are not responsible for roads or waste water, these issues need to be resolved in order to deliver development through the Local Plan, and so it is critical that we work with our partners to explore all options and ensure that we have the evidence to demonstrate that the level of development proposed can be delivered. These are extremely complex issues and require extra detailed work to be carried out before the review can be finalised. This is reflected in the timetable that has been set out in the Local Development Scheme.

Update on roads

Our last update explained that the work to date has identified the need for a series of junction improvements on the A27, including a link road from the Fishbourne roundabout to the Manhood Peninsula. Our partners have agreed that the evidence points to the need for the link road if we are to meet the level of growth the Government expects, and that this approach is needed while we wait for a decision from Government on the longer term plans for the A27.

In response to concerns raised through representations to consultation on the Preferred Approach Local Plan over the financial and environmental impacts of the Stockbridge Link Road, the council’s transport consultants were asked to investigate alternatives to the Stockbridge Link Road and identified a different approach utilising revised works to the Stockbridge roundabout. However, following testing, the alternative was found not to be capable of addressing the traffic impacts of Local Plan growth. A report on the alternatives to the Stockbridge Link Road, detailing all of the findings from the work and evidencing the need for the link road, has now been finalised and will be available to read at the end of this week or early next week, here:—Local-Plan-review

The proposed link road would cross over land owned by West Sussex County Council, and in their role as local highways authority, they have agreed that the next step is for us to carry out a much more detailed assessment so that the full impacts can be understood. This extra work will begin soon and we will keep you updated on this.

Update on waste water

As you may have read in our last newsletter, in order to deliver the Local Plan we need more waste water capacity. Waste water has long been a problem in the South of the district and we have been lobbying Southern Water to explain what improvements are required for some time. Following an official complaint to the Water Services Regulation Authority, Ofwat, we have been holding constructive meetings with Southern Water and the Environment Agency, and Southern Water has agreed to work with us jointly on identifying improvements that need to be made.

We will be meeting Southern Water and The Environment Agency again in April, and over the coming months, to ensure that their commitment to effective progress and engagement in waste water issues is achieved and that the required evidence work on waste water disposal is completed.

‘Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment’ update

As you may already be aware, as part of the Local Plan process, we are required to publish details of sites across the Local Plan area that could potentially accommodate housing and employment. This document is called a Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) and is one of the many important technical documents that support and inform the preparation of the Local Plan Review. While a site may be included in the HELAA, it doesn’t mean it will be developed – the HELAA does not allocate sites and does not mean that planning permission for any site will be granted. Instead, it is intended to provide details of housing and employment sites that have the potential to deliver development requirements. Further assessments will then take place to ensure the plan only selects the most appropriate locations across the plan area.

We have recently updated the HELAA, which was last published in October 2020. The latest update (March 2021) is to reflect revised climate change flood risk data. This update is very important to ensure that the HELAA uses the most accurate information to show which parts of the Local Plan area are more at risk of future flooding, and which are less at risk. The HELAA will be used as part of the evidence base to ensure that only the most suitable sites are taken forward for allocation in the Local Plan Review. The latest version of the HELAA is now available to view here:

Other ways to keep up-to-date on the Local Plan Review

This newsletter is part of a series of regular updates to keep you informed of our progress and to explain the areas of work that we are currently focusing on. If you would also like to receive formal notification of future Local Plan Review consultations and key stages, and to submit consultation responses online in future consultations, you can register on our planning policy consultation portal at:

People can also find out more about the work we are doing on our website at

If you missed our last newsletter, you can read it here: In it, you can read about the important role the Local Plan plays, the wide variety of topics it covers – from economy to environment and greenspace, living and housing to getting around and transport, to name a few – and how we have a range of measures in place to protect our area from inappropriate speculative development in the run up to the Local Plan Review being agreed.


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Census Support Service in West Sussex Libraries

West Sussex Libraries are part of the national Census Support Service. Library staff can help support residents who live in Adur, Worthing, Arun and Chichester to complete their census forms online.

As libraries are currently not open for browsing or computer use, we can complete the form online for residents over the phone. To book an appointment with one of our staff, who are all trained Census Support Advisors, phone 0330 222 3455 Monday to Friday between 10.00am – 4.00pm.

More details available here

Vaccine update 25 February

Dear all

Here is the update for West Sussex from the last week…

More than half a million jabs completed in Sussex alone!!

We have a survey to complete for those who have the time – only a couple of minutes to help the NHS determine how best the message is getting out to the Communities and the help them target where necessary. Please click on the link to complete the survey

If you have had the vaccine, please give us your feedback you can also email us on  or phone us on 0800 433 4545

I received a question last week about some 30 somethings who were concerned about having the jab because it might affect their fertility. Having already delayed having children due to careers, late relationships or marriages, many were now wondering if the jab might affect them. I am delighted to include a short video from Emma Chambers, the Associate Director of Midwifery ESHT. I hope this helps to allay fears in that area and encourage everyone to take the jab when it is their turn.

If you have not yet been called for your jab and are in the over 65’s or vulnerable categories, please call the NHS booking line on 119 or click the link to make an appointment at one of our local centres, now including The Westgate Centre in Chichester.

Please do continue to call me on 07968 296759 or email at
councillor.hunter@fishbourne-pc, if you have any concerns or questions about the Covid 19 Vaccine or the rollout programme.

Best regards
Lynda Hunter
Vaccine Champion

Vaccine Update 15 February

Further update for those still awaiting vaccines, and anyone you know still awaiting, you can now book on line at the following link for anyone over 65 or highly vulnerable. It includes the Westgate Centre which is great news for us locally:

People should follow the link below to book online, or telephone 119. GP-led services should begin sending out invitations next week, although this has not yet been confirmed.

Vaccine Update 9 February

The COVID-19 vaccination programme continues to be rolled out across our communities.

The top line brief from this week is:

  • We are on course to meet the national target for offering the COVID-19 vaccination to the top four priority groups by mid-February
  • To date more than 374,670 vaccinations have been delivered across Sussex, including 362,581 first doses
  • All vaccination services are continuing to work this week to invite anyone in the first four priority groups who has not had their vaccination yet, and who wants it, for an appointment by next week
  • To ensure everyone has been offered the opportunity to have the jab, people age 70 and over who have not yet been vaccinated and who would like to, are now able to contact the national booking service directly to arrange an appointment.
    People can go online – or call 119.

Vaccine Champion for Fishbourne

Hi, I am Lynda and have just been trained on a new role to offer support and information for anyone regarding the Covid Vaccines.

Vaccination Champions are part of an exciting new way of helping the NHS in Sussex communicate about the vaccine and dispel myths on the vaccine. Vaccination Champions play a key role in helping the NHS in Sussex raise awareness of the vaccine.

My role is to :
1. Get Vaccination messages to key groups and communities
2. Dispel myths on the vaccine
3. Help develop local targeted communications
4. Provide information on the Mass Vaccination Programme
5. Pick up on any concerns or problems, feeding them back to the NHS for resolution

I will not be trying to influence, persuade or encourage anyone to take the vaccine and am not trying to ‘drum up trade’ for the NHS. I am simply here to offer real information and provide a point of contact.

If you have any concerns or questions about the vaccines or the roll out, please get in touch by phone or email as follows and I will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.
Lynda Hunter mob; 07968 296759
I will be issuing regular updates on the Fishbourne Parish Council website, Facebook page and other media as appropriate.

Further information can be found here: