The Parish Council consists of nine Parish Councillors who are elected every four years by residents of the village.

The Parish Clerk is also the Responsible Financial Officer and is employed by the Council to: carry out its administration; keep the accounts; advise on governance and legal issues; and support the Parish Councillors.

Geoff Hand


When I was interviewed at County Hall in 1974, I was warned that if we moved here we would never want to move anywhere else – a forecast that has proved happily true!

After taking early retirement from the Education Department as a result of having M.E., I enjoyed a new involvement in local activities and I have been a school governor at two Chichester schools including Portfield Community Primary School where I am currently Chair of Governors. I am also an Associate Governor Trainer.

I was a late recruit to parish council work – and was surprised to discover how much Fishbourne Parish Council was doing to maintain and develop the quality of life in the village. Somehow, I soon found myself involved in preparing a bid to the Big Lottery Fund in support of the Fishbourne Community Project and it has been really rewarding to work with so many enthusiastic supporters in the village – a real “community” project. As co-ordinator of the Village Plan 2010-14, I appreciate the commitment that so many of our residents have to Fishbourne and I am particularly grateful to our hard-working task groups.

Tel: 01243 781692


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Andy Relf

Vice Chairman

I came to Chichester in 1980 as the Police Traffic Inspector until I was promoted and worked as Chief Inspector Uniformed Operations at Police HQ at Lewes. In that role I have been involved in the planning and operation of a large number of events and for Force wide contingency planning for major incidents.  I was transferred to traffic to be national organiser and convoy command for the Tour de France, and finished my career in Brighton Command.      I worked for the Association of Chief Constables Traffic Committee for many years and post Hillsborough I was co-opted onto a Home Office working party on the safety of events outside of stadiums. When I retired I became secretary of the committee and Author of the national Small and Sporting Events Safety Guide that has now been incorporated into the HSE documentation.     I also operated many of the national sporting events as route director and safety officer before retiring.  These include the 2nd Tour de France visit, London Triathlon, Liverpool Triathlon, Manchester Marathon, Tour of Britain Cycle Race etc, and test events for the London Olympics.     I do have a breadth of experience that I feel could be of benefit to the Parish Council, and for many years have worked for Geoff Hand on the Infrastructure Committee on traffic matters.    I was involved with Lynda Hunter on the BABA27 initiative, as I have been involved since 1980 and have asked questions and made presentations to the District Council on our highway Problems and infrastructure to fight the building demands.

Tel: 07770 590323


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helen marshall

Helen Marshall


I have been living  in Fishbourne for just over 8 years and before that I lived in Chichester.  My immediate family also live locally .. so I am pretty much rooted in this part of the world.

My professional background is in retail…where I have spent 25 years or so working with many high street brands, mainly on the operations and commercial side.

I have a huge interest in wildlife and the environment and am actively involved in a number of local wildlife conservation projects here in Fishbourne.

I also love walking and cycling  – especially around the harbour and in the nearby South Downs National Park.

Whilst living here in Fishbourne, I have found the enthusiasm and commitment to village life to be very inspiring. This lead me to want to be more involved and I am really looking forward to doing my bit to support the village.

Tel: 07889 658521


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Richard Bates

Editor of Village Voice

My family moved to Fishbourne in 1974 and has lived here ever since. I graduated from university with a Law degree but chose not to practise. Instead I got a postgraduate degree in Modern Drama, then started a small publishing business 30 years ago. Books, authors and publishing are my career, and it has taken me around the world. I enjoy designing books as well as other print publications.
When my dad developed dementia I closed my office in London to become his full-time caregiver. I kept him in the family home and looked after him until he passed away. Since then I have re-engaged in the local community. We have always taken an interest in local issues, especially planning and the environment. Spare time activities include theatre, music and cycling.

Tel: 07801 395102


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Adam Horler

Adam Horler


A relative newcomer to Fishbourne, I moved to the village towards the end of 2020, having moved into the area in 2017 after 20 years living and working abroad in Hong Kong, Singapore and the French Alps.

Husband to Ann, a yoga & Pilates teacher, father to Jake, and human to Mia, our big, boisterous Collie Lab cross, I’m at my most content when outdoors in Nature – whether it is cycling the Downs, walking around the harbour peninsulas or playing golf at Goodwood on the Downs course.

My motivation to join the Parish Council is to contribute to the continued strengthening of our village community, preserving our identity and our unique place in between the Downs and the Harbour.

My working life has been varied, full and is still in full swing – I have worked in Sales, Marketing and Consumer Research in several fields – Personal Care, Cycling, Hospitality, Events and now Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

I’ve lived and travelled intensively throughout much of the world but have always looked to put roots down back in England and Fishbourne is a wonderful place to call home and put down those roots! I look forward to contributing however I can to local life through my involvement with the Parish Council.

Tel: 07948 479307


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Vas Tsamis


I came to the UK to study archaeology in the 1990s and loved the country. I continued my studies in Sheffield and Southampton and after that I carried on working. I am a professional archaeologist working in the commercial archaeology sector recording the past and helping preserve the British heritage and landscape.

I came to Chichester in 2013 due to work and moved to Fishbourne in 2016. The Fishbourne Roman Palace and its history along with its community were crucial in deciding to stay.

I am married and I have one son and help coach a Chichester City Youth Football team.

My drive is to help the Parish Council in accomplishing its mission and help my community through my skills and knowledge.


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Lynda Hunter

Chairman of the Parish Council and the Planning Committee

I have been married for nearly 34 years and we have 2 sons of 25 and 27 who both live and work around the Camberley area where my husband and I moved in 2015.

I was a senior Management Consultant and Project Manager for over 25 years working with various private and public organisations helping to improve the way they work.

Now semi retired, and enjoying this new life in Fishbourne, joining the Parish Council has opened up a new field of interest and an opportunity for me to get involved in Village life.

I am now a member of the Fishbourne Tennis club and recently joined the Hunston Golf Club, both of which are new challenges and are taking time to gain some level of proficiency. I also enjoy walking in and around the harbour, canal and the local areas in both rain and shine.

Tel: 07968 296759


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Adam Porter

Chairman of the Finance Committee

I have lived in Fishbourne since 2003. I was a founder member of the committee of the Flavian Fields Residents’ Association in 2006, and have been chairman  since 2009. I have also been part of the Fishbourne Infrastructure Panel.

I work in London as a broadcast journalist for the BBC network radio. Spare time is spent on our narrowboat, which is moored in Norhamptonsire.

Tel: 07760 393704


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Gary Mason


I am a retired Graduate Chemical Engineer and have worked in pharmaceutical, nuclear, chemical and oil and gas industries for almost 45 years!!!, retiring 6 years ago from being a Process Director in a major American Contractor.
During my career I have traveled to many countries including Thailand, Bangladesh and Africa where I have been humbled to recognize just how fortunate we are here in the UK.
I am married to councillor Hunter, have 2 sons, help out at Fishbourne Companions and lecture to the Chichester U3A Science group.
Since joining the Parish Council I have put both my Managerial and Engineering skill sets to good use including an unfortunate cancelled (Covid !!@) VE day celebration and the recent restoration of the old village signs.
I continue to support the Parish Clerk on Technical and Engineering Projects and hope that in the future I can kick start a Mens Shed group in the village.

Tel: 07584 551216


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District Councillor

Adrian Moss

District Councillor

Adrian moved to Fishbourne in 1993 and raised his family in the village.  His children attended school in Fishbourne and he has been continually involved in the local community.  He was elected to the Parish Council, served on the Fishbourne Playing Fields Association, and was first elected to the District Council in 2003 standing down in 2011.  He is committed to working across the community to ensure Fishbourne remains a village and retains its sense of community.  He is a committed environmentalist.  When not at work or on Council duty he enjoys sailing his boat, which is kept in Chichester Harbour

Tel: 07860 236505


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David Rodgers

District Councillor

Tel: 01243 574074


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Penny Plant

District Councillor

I have lived in Bosham since 2004, when I first enjoyed its sailing location.  I trained originally as a pharmacist, then re-trained and worked as a teacher of chemistry for 17 years.  I have been a primary school governor for 5 years and still work for a personal advice charity.  I have 5 year’s previous experience in a Buckinghamshire District Council and 8 years (2 years as chairman) on a Parish Council.  I am deeply committed to the environment, especially the preservation of Bosham’s unique amenities.

Tel: 01243 575031


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County Councillor

julian joy

Julian Joy

County Councillor

Julian Joy has lived in Chichester all his life, apart from his University years. His first school was Chichester Lancastrian Infants moving through to Chichester High School for Boys where his father, Paul Joy, was his Art Teacher.  With three sisters and two brothers, they were raised in the now St Martins Tea Rooms so it’s very nostalgic for him to go back and have a cup of tea in his old living room. Julian’s mother was a nurse at St Richard’s Hospital where he worked at the age of 16 for a year as a hospital porter. He was thinking of medicine before architecture at the time – he went to Chichester College for A-Levels.

He works in the health sector creating master plans and estate rationalisations for County Primary and Mental Health Trusts and is a Design Quality Indicator Assessor for the Construction Industry Council.

Julian is Deputy Mayor of Chichester City Council and a Trustee for the Business 2 Schools Charity. He plays the classical guitar, loves sailing and watching his three sons grow into men. His partner is a National Theatre Actress and CNS Nurse.


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