The Parish Council is not a Planning Authority, but under the Local Government Act 1972 is able to make observations to the Planning Authority upon applications in its Parish. The Planning Authority for Fishbourne is Chichester District Council.

You can view planning applications on the Chichester District Council Planning Portal, via the link on the right of this page.

Applications for Fishbourne are listed below and if you click on the ‘Reference’ this will take you to the relevant page on the Chichester District Council Planning Portal where you can view: the application; the plans; and any comments made by consultees, the Parish Council and members of the public.

ReferenceAddressDescriptionStatusParish Council Comments
23/01972/DOM8 Mill Close FishbourneBoundary treatment comprising railings, hedge and entrance piers/gate and widening of existing drop kerbPending ConsiderationOBJECTION: out of keeping with the street scene.
23/01956/DOMWhyke Ford 44 Salthill Road FishbourneSingle storey rear extension. New front porch.Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
23/01884/TPAMill Pond Cottage Mill Lane FishbourneCrown reduce by 1m back to previous pruning points to 1 no. Beech Hedge (T1). Crown reduce by 1.5m back to previous pruning points to 1 no. Beech Hedge (T2). Fell 1 no. Hawthorn tree (T3). Crown raise by 3m on 1 no. Ash tree (T4). Crown raise by 2m on 1 no. Holm Oak tree (T5), 1 no. Oak (T7) and 1 no. Ash (T6). Crown reduce by 1.5m on 2 no. Beech trees (T8 & T9). Crown reduce by 1.5m to 2 no. Bay trees (T10 & T11).Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
23/01736/TCASalt Mill House Mill Lane FishbourneNotification of intention to pollard down to 5m (above ground level) on 1 no. Ash tree.Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
23/01728/DOM17 Newport Drive FishbourneExtension over existing garage, additional roof dormer and addition of porch (amendment to permission 22/01206/DOM).Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
23/01595/DOMBraemar 17 Halfrey Road FishbourneSingle storey flat roof rear extension (c/w roof lantern), 1 no. new window opening blocking up existing door and window on east elevation and 1 no. new window opening on west elevation. New front door porch canopy.Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
23/01348/FULLowood House 2 Old Park Lane FishbourneUse of an existing residential outbuilding as a holiday let (part-retrospective) with proposed associated external alterations, including replacement side extension, rear dormer and new fenestration.Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT