The Parish Council is not a Planning Authority, but under the Local Government Act 1972 is able to make observations to the Planning Authority upon applications in its Parish. The Planning Authority for Fishbourne is Chichester District Council.

You can view planning applications on the Chichester District Council Planning Portal, via the link on the right of this page.

Applications for Fishbourne are listed below and if you click on the ‘Reference’ this will take you to the relevant page on the Chichester District Council Planning Portal where you can view: the application; the plans; and any comments made by consultees, the Parish Council and members of the public.

ReferenceAddressDescriptionStatusParish Council Comments
21/01449/DOM35 Caspian Close FishbourneGarage conversion with infill wall and window to existing opening.Pending Consideration
21/01490/TCAHome Farm Main Road FishbourneNotification of intention to fell 1 no. Conifer tree (quoted as T1) and 1 no. Eucalyptus tree (quoted as T2).Pending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
21/01467/PA1A19 Barker Close FishbourneSingle storey extension to the rear (a) rear extension - 4m (b) maximum height - 3.4m (c) height of eaves - 2.35m.Pending Consideration
21/01348/TPAOakside 134 Blackboy Lane FishbourneFell 1 no. Oak tree (T1) subject to FB/99/00449/TPOPending ConsiderationNO COMMENT
21/01252/DOM2 Halfrey Road FishbourneLoft conversion with front elevation dormers, side extension and garage conversion.Pending Consideration
21/01339/DOM2 Black Boy Court Main Road FishbourneConstruction of carport over existing parking spaces.Pending Consideration
21/01221/FULLand North Of Godwin Way FishbourneThe development of 5 no. new dwellings (2 no. 2-bed and 3 no. 3-bed) including the provision of a new vehicular access onto Blackboy Lane, parking, landscaping and all other associated works.Pending Consideration
20/03153/LBCThe Bulls Head 99 Fishbourne Road West FishbourneInstallation of kitchen air-supply and air-extract plant and ducting, with associated worksPERMITNo comment
20/03152/FULThe Bulls Head 99 Fishbourne Road West FishbourneRetrospective installation of kitchen air-supply and air-extract plant and ducting, with associated worksPERMITNo comment
21/00795/DOM28 Salthill Road FishbourneNew single-storey extensions to the existing bungalow with associated works.PERMITSupport
21/00692/PLDRookesbury 107 Salthill Road FishbourneInternal works to provide new insulated floor, walls and roof.Pending ConsiderationNo comment
21/00785/DOMEstoril Main Road FishbourneNew vehicle access and garagePending ConsiderationNo comment
21/00462/DOM1 Gilpin Close FishbourneSingle storey rear extensionPERMITSupport
21/00393/DOMTide End Mill Lane FishbourneProposed two storey front and rear and loft extensions.Pending ConsiderationSupport
21/00542/FULThe Woolpack 71 Fishbourne Road West FishbourneChange of use of bed and breakfast hotel to dual use of hotel and HMO.Pending ConsiderationSupport
21/00586/ADV98 Fishbourne Road West Fishbourne1 no. non-illuminated site hoarding signPending ConsiderationPERMIT
21/00575/ADVThe Bosham Clinic Main Road Fishbourne2 no. non-illuminated hoarding signsWITHDRAWNOBJECTION: Out of keeping with the street scene.
21/00472/FULBlack Boy Court Main Road FishbourneConstruction of a 2 bay carport and the creation of car parking area for 4 no. cars to the north of the site.Pending ConsiderationOBJECTION: The Council is concerned that the parking area designated for four cars is very cramped. It will be impractical to park safely in such a confined space, particularly if a car is larger than average. There is concern over the safety of the access on to the A259, especially if the constricted space means that a car may need to reverse out onto the main road.
21/00409/DOMGate House 14 Salthill Road FishbourneReplacement garagePERMITNo comment
21/00279/DOM92 Blackboy Lane FishbourneSingle storey rear extensionPERMITNo comment
20/03368/DOM52 Mosse Gardens FishbourneErection of fence to enclose 1 car parking spacePERMITNO OBJECTION BUT COMMENT: The Council is concerned about the reduction in available parking space.
20/03269/LBCThe Manor 4 Appledram Lane South FishbourneSingle storey side extension.Pending ConsiderationNo comment
20/03268/DOMThe Manor 4 Appledram Lane South FishbourneSingle storey side extension.Pending ConsiderationNo comment
21/00435/DOMPenhallow Newport Drive FishbourneDemolition of garage and erection of single storey extension.PERMITNo comment
20/03270/DOMThe Manor 4 Appledram Lane South FishbourneConstruction of an outdoor swimming pool at ground level. Amendment to planning permission FB/08/03159/DOM for revisions to windows and doors.Pending ConsiderationSupport
20/02723/FULLand East Of The Trees Main Road Fishbourne Chichester1 no. dwelling, new access and associated works.Pending ConsiderationNo comment
20/02009/FULLand North West Of Newbridge Farm Salthill Road FishbourneChange use of land to travellers caravan site consisting of 3 no. pitches each containing 1 no. mobile home, 1 no. touring caravan, 1 no. utility dayroom; play area and associated works (Resubmission of CC/19/02579/FUL).Pending ConsiderationNo comment
20/02975/PLD35 Caspian Close FishbourneGarage conversion to from habitable accommodation, including infilling of garage doorway with new wall and window to match existing.Pending ConsiderationNo comment
20/02303/FULLand At Bethwines Farm And South Of Ivy Lodge Blackboy Lane FishbourneConstruction of 35 no. affordable residential dwellings for first-time buyers with associated access, parking, landscaping and associated infrastructure.APPEALEDOBJECTION