The Local Plan is available to view via this link>>>>

Below is some useful information to help you find important facts for Fishbourne in the Plan.

Policy S2 designates Fishbourne as a Service Village (p34) and what this means is explained on p35.

The Spatial Strategy (p58) outlines the District Council’s strategy of concentrating development on the east-west corridor (for Fishbourne that means along the A259).

Wildlife Corridors are defined on p92 and a corridor is proposed over the east of Fishbourne preventing development in this area.

Policy SA9 (p121-122) relates specifically to Fishbourne which has been allocated 250 houses, sites for which should be identifed in a review of the Fishbourne Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan will be open for consultation from 13 December 2018 to 7 February 2019. Members of the public are encouraged to submit reponses to the Plan. Let Chichester District Council know your views.