Vaccine update 25 February

Dear all

Here is the update for West Sussex from the last week…

More than half a million jabs completed in Sussex alone!!

We have a survey to complete for those who have the time – only a couple of minutes to help the NHS determine how best the message is getting out to the Communities and the help them target where necessary. Please click on the link to complete the survey

If you have had the vaccine, please give us your feedback you can also email us on  or phone us on 0800 433 4545

I received a question last week about some 30 somethings who were concerned about having the jab because it might affect their fertility. Having already delayed having children due to careers, late relationships or marriages, many were now wondering if the jab might affect them. I am delighted to include a short video from Emma Chambers, the Associate Director of Midwifery ESHT. I hope this helps to allay fears in that area and encourage everyone to take the jab when it is their turn.

If you have not yet been called for your jab and are in the over 65’s or vulnerable categories, please call the NHS booking line on 119 or click the link to make an appointment at one of our local centres, now including The Westgate Centre in Chichester.

Please do continue to call me on 07968 296759 or email at
councillor.hunter@fishbourne-pc, if you have any concerns or questions about the Covid 19 Vaccine or the rollout programme.

Best regards
Lynda Hunter
Vaccine Champion