Message from the Church

A Message from Moira. Parish Priest of Fishbourne and Apuldram.

As the world faces the biggest upheaval most of us have ever encountered, and many are feeling very anxious, I write to let you know how I and your parish church will function over the next few weeks.
Most of you will have heard that all church services are now canceled until further notice. This is only to protect the most vulnerable in our community.
However, this does not mean that we simply cease to be. We are among you.
The church building will be open every day, for everyone whatever their faith, offering a place of quiet and peace, or an opportunity to say a little prayer. I hope to create a prayer board, which will be placed in front of the Altar, where people can write and leave a little prayer if they wish.
The weekly news sheet will be produced each week for as long as possible, and can be read on the websites and on the church notice boards. As will other items of news and updates from me.
As your parish priest please do be assured that you will be prayed for every day, and although I have to be isolated due to a compromised immune system, I can be contacted by phone or email.
Phone: 01243 920346. Email:

I am sorry that I cannot physically be available to you. But please do not hesitate to call me, even if you just need a chat. I am compiling a list of folk who have offered to help in practical ways so will be able to put them in touch with you if you need shopping or medicines collected, or perhaps your dog walked.

Likewise, The Rev. David Hider my colleague and friend is also available for you on 01243 377635.
We may not be able to change the situation we and the whole world are faced with, but we can listen to your concerns and pray for you if you wish. It does not matter if you are a member of the church or not, we are here for you all.
I have been enormously encouraged by the amazing amount of good works that are already taking place around our community, so thank you all for your wonderful ideas on how to care for others, we certainly need each other like never before.

Finally, a little note about those special services that we offer at important times of life.
The advice to the church is that if weddings, baptisms or funerals are held, only a very few people, if any will be permitted to attend.
And so my advice to you is to postpone your wedding or baptism, in fact all those who have one of these booked in the near future have already done so.
However, funerals cannot really be postponed. These will be even more difficult and painful than they already are as family and friends are denied the opportunity to really celebrate a loved one’s life. Please do think about planning a wonderful memorial service for later in the year, and do use your church for this, again it does not matter one iota if you are a church goer or not.

Please do check the church websites, do keep in touch, and overall, be assured that the corona virus is NOT a punishment from God.
Be safe, know that you are not alone, and May God Bless you all, love and prayers from Moira

Finally, although there is such a lot of great community spirit developing, there are a few people out there who will try to take advantage. In the next few months, we will see the very best of humanity, but sadly also the very worst.
So here is a little bit of advice to keep you safe.
If anyone offers to do your shopping, they should not expect you to give them any money until they return with your shopping and receipt.
Please do not let strangers enter your home.
And if someone offers to walk your dog, ask them for proof of identity.
Be careful about scam emails or other notes that may be put through your door.
Overall, keep safe, the elderly among you already possess a deep inner strength, you have been through some tough times in life already. We can all learn from you.